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Overhead Cast: The Grip In Fly Casting And Rod Tip Position (16 of 19)

Video Transcript:

When we're making that cast, we want to start off with a good grip. You want that thumb on top and a nice, relaxed grip, and that rod relatively in line with your forearm. We're going to start nice and low, and we don't want to go too far back when we make that back cast. We're going to bring that rod up using a little bit of forearm, then a little bit of wrist, and we want to stop somewhere, you know, across from our shoulder or across from our ear, not way back like this. If we come back too far, that usually sends that line down and back, and it's going to end up getting stuck in the trees or in the bushes. So rod tip low, thumb on top, smooth acceleration to that stop, smooth acceleration to that stop. Think pop to a stop, if you will, and then when you stop on that forward cast, think stop, then drop. Stop the rod first. That's going to allow that line to roll out and straighten out in the air. Once that line straightens out, gravity takes over, and then we can lower that line back down to the water and get that line back underneath your index finger, because now you're fishing.
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