Equipment Videos

How do you pick a fly rod? How do know which one is right for you?
Fly lines range from very thin to very thick. This video explains the various sizes for you.
Fly rods are designated by length and line size. What do you need to remember to pick the right rod length?
That last important decision with a fly rod is how much to pay. What's the right amount?
A lot of people get confused about the right leader to pick. Here we explain all you need to know.
Basic leader lengths range from four to five different lengths. Here are the explanations.
What is the tippet size and how do you choose?
A quick tip for taking a leader out of its package.
Nylon has a memory and when you uncoil it, it has several annoying coils.
See this real easy way to put your leader on your fly line, without any knots!
It's very easy to change your tippet sizes. It can be confusing for people, but we'll show you how to do it.

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