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Fly Fishing Knots: Clinch Knot Video

The Clinch Knot is the basic fly to tippet knot for trout fishing. It's best in diameters under 20 lb test.
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See detailed instructions below for each step in tying the Clinch Knot.
  1. Pass the tippet through the eye of the hook. It doesn't matter whether you come from above or below. Place the thumb and forefinger of your left hand in front of the eye to keep a loop open. Cradle the standing part of the line in the last two fingers of your right hand.
  2. Wind the tag end around the standing part of the line by using the thumb and forefinger of your right hand to do most of the work. Use the third finger of your left hand to help pass the tag end around the standing part.
  3. Pass the tag end through the loop you have held open in front of the eye. Lubricate the knot with saliva and draw it tight with a quick pull on the fly and the standing part of the tippet. Let go of the tag end when tightening this knot. Trim the tag end very close to the knot.

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