Three Tips Regarding Fly Fishing Rods and Line Weights
Published: 10/20/2009
Description: Another great question from our Facebook fans in two parts. What is the performance difference between two and four piece rods and when does it make sense to go with a different line weight than the weight of the rod?
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Tom's Ten Tips for Slimming Down or Filling up your Fly Box
Published: 12/08/2011
Description: This week we range in topics from toilet paper to bass leaders, but the main topic is one that is frequently requested: How to make sense of the thousands of patterns of dry flies into a reasonable number that will cover most of the hatches you encounter. I offer 10 tips on slimming down your fly box (or filling it up, depending on where you are in the game) plus my favorite dozen dry flies.
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Five Reasons So Many Flies Exist in the World
Published: 11/05/2009
Description: As suggested by listeners on our Facebook page, Tom gives five reasons there are so many flies and fly variations out there to choose from. He also tells us his favorite, go-to fly.
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All About Floating Lines with Jim Lepage, VP of Orvis Rod & Tackle
Published: 12/30/2009
Description: Tom has been getting requests for a podcast on floating lines. Feeling like he could use a little more education on the subject himself, he called in Jim Lepage, Orvis Vice-President of Rod and Tackle to help address questions on their use and care. Things get really detailed in this podcast... a must-hear for the techies!
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Bamboo Fly Rods vs. Graphite Fly Rods
Published: 02/12/2010
Description: Wow... you guys really wanted this one! We had a whole lot o requests for a podcast on graphite vs bamboo. Tom goes into great detail on the benefits of each and gives us some good bamboo maintenance tips.
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The Reel World
Published: 07/10/2008
Description: For the second week in a row, Tom responds to a listener request. This week he gives advice on choosing the right fly reel for the job and reel management.
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Choosing a Leader
Published: 05/08/2008
Description: In this podcast Tom tells you everything you need to know about leaders. What does 6x mean? How long should your leader be? What's better; nylon or fluorocarbon?
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Video: Silver Label XT Bootfoot Waders
Published: 08/04/2008
Description: Tom gives an overview of the Silver Label XT Bootfoot Waders from Orvis. Read more about the Silver Label waders at:
Choosing a Fly Rod
Published: 08/14/2008
Description: A number of listeners have emailed Tom (at asking for his advice on choosing a fly rod. It can be an intimidating process, but made easier if you break it out into steps.
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Orvis Helios Promo Video
Published: 09/19/2008
Description: Tom has been pretty tied up for the past couple of weeks with the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver. He will be back soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this video montage set to the music of our own John Stalcup from the Orvis web design department.
Layering up for Winter Fishing
Published: 02/13/2009
Description: In our last podcast, Tom talked about staying warm on the water. In this video, he shows some great products from Orvis that will keep you comfortable when the temperatures drop.
Proper Care and Maintenance of your Fly Fishing Tackle
Published: 03/23/2009
Description: You have invested a lot in your fly fishing tackle. In this podcast, Tom has some pointers on maintenance of your gear to keep it in great shape for years of enjoyment
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