Gear Maintenance in the Off-Season and Ten Tips for the Aging Angler
Published: 02/15/2011
Description: Tom shares his off-season routine for gear mainteance and answers our first voicemail request for tips for the older angler. These tips apply to a lot of us, though, so it is a good listen all around. Call us at 802-362-8800 for comments and suggestions, drop us a line at or visit us on facebook at !
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All About Fly Fishing with Braided Leaders
Published: 08/31/2009
Description: We have had a number of requests on our Facebook page for more information on leaders. Tom is happy to oblige.
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Tom's Top Ten Tippet Tips
Published: 08/16/2011
Description: For this week's podcast, the main event is Tom's Top Ten Tippet Tips, or just 5T for short (but no short jokes please). In this episode, I review tips on knots, types of tippet, how to attach tippets, when to shorten or lengthen a tippet, how to avoid kinky tippets, and a bunch more. For the "Fly Box" section of short tips, I talk about some cool, new terms and tips I learned from fishing guides in Colorado and Montana over the past two weeks.
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The Reel World
Published: 07/10/2008
Description: For the second week in a row, Tom responds to a listener request. This week he gives advice on choosing the right fly reel for the job and reel management.
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Choosing a Leader
Published: 05/08/2008
Description: In this podcast Tom tells you everything you need to know about leaders. What does 6x mean? How long should your leader be? What's better; nylon or fluorocarbon?
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Video: Silver Label XT Bootfoot Waders
Published: 08/04/2008
Description: Tom gives an overview of the Silver Label XT Bootfoot Waders from Orvis. Read more about the Silver Label waders at:
Choosing a Fly Rod
Published: 08/14/2008
Description: A number of listeners have emailed Tom (at asking for his advice on choosing a fly rod. It can be an intimidating process, but made easier if you break it out into steps.
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Orvis Helios Promo Video
Published: 09/19/2008
Description: Tom has been pretty tied up for the past couple of weeks with the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver. He will be back soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this video montage set to the music of our own John Stalcup from the Orvis web design department.
Layering up for Winter Fishing
Published: 02/13/2009
Description: In our last podcast, Tom talked about staying warm on the water. In this video, he shows some great products from Orvis that will keep you comfortable when the temperatures drop.
Proper Care and Maintenance of your Fly Fishing Tackle
Published: 03/23/2009
Description: You have invested a lot in your fly fishing tackle. In this podcast, Tom has some pointers on maintenance of your gear to keep it in great shape for years of enjoyment
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