Fly Fishing with Multi Fly Rigs
Published: 02/25/2009
Description: Fly fishing with more than one fly at a time can yield great results. Tom shares why it makes sense and how to do it right in this podcast
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Fly Casting Tips: We can't all be Fran Tarkenton
Published: 07/18/2008
Description: To improve your cast, follow these 4 steps:
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Lord of the Flies: Managing your Fly Collection
Published: 04/08/2009
Description: Tom shares his tips for effectively managing yotomur fly collection,
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Tom's Tips on Nymphing
Published: 06/19/2008
Description: Fish can be amazingly fussy about the speed and depth of their prey, even if the fly pattern is right. Everything you do in nymph presentation should strive to keep your fly at a trout's level as long as possible and at a speed that does not arouse suspicion
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Father's Day Special: Teaching a Child to Fly Fish
Published: 06/05/2008
Description: Father's Day is coming up and Tom has some advice on taking a child fly fishing for the first time. Included are some great tips for fly fishing for pan fish.
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Tom Talks Knots
Published: 05/15/2008
Description: In this podcast, Tom gives three helpful hints on knot tying.
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Fly Fishing in Still Water
Published: 07/31/2008
Description: As a change up, here are Tom's tips on fly fishing in still water for bass and panfish. There is a LOT of information in this podcast!
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Fishing the Trico Hatch
Published: 08/07/2008
Description: Tom gives some great tips on fishing the trico hatch. The flies are small, but it is worth the extra effort.You can read more about trico at:
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The Art of the Hook Set (Part 1)
Published: 09/25/2008
Description: In this, the first of two parts, Tom gives tips on effective hook setting techniques for freshwater and smaller species.
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Reading the Water (1 of 3)
Published: 04/17/2008
Description: This week we start a three part series on "reading the water" to help find fish. In this episode, Tom speaks to how knowing the basic survival needs and behaviors of trout can help you become a better angler.
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Reading the Water (3 of 3)
Published: 05/01/2008
Description: In the third and final part of Tom's series on reading the water, Tom explains how to use lessons learned in the previous two podcasts to help you catch more fish. Learn how to best fish boulders and sweepers.
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Reading the Water (2 of 3)
Published: 04/24/2008
Description: In this, the second part of a three part series on reading the water, Tom discusses basic river hydraulics and how just knowing a few simple rules will help you a lot on the river.
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15 Tips on Sight Fishing for Stripers
Published: 02/22/2011
Description: This latest podcast is another suggestion from our tip line at (802) 362-8800. Tom had a lot of tips for sight fishing for stripers and shares all 15 here.
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