The Prince of Tides
Published: 10/13/2011
Description: This week I discuss a dozen tips for taking difficult risers. We're not always fortunate to find consistently rising fish, but when we do it's a chess match that can be the most fascinating aspect of trout fishing. There are many tips to finally fooling a difficult riser, and surprisingly few of them involve choosing the correct fly. We also have Fly Box short items on some questions that came up from listeners regarding last week's podcast on small stream fishing. And by popular demand, we'll continue our sections on great fly-fishing books and cool products you might have missed. Test your wits with my quiz on difficult rises here.
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Tips for Fly Fishing in the Surf
Published: 06/23/2009
Description: You never know what you are going to encounter when you fish the surf and in this podcast Tom helps you be prepared for whatever comes your way. To get started grab a stripping basket, practice your double haul and download this podcast.
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Tom Rosenbauer's Top Ten Bonefishing Tips and One Bonus Freshwater Tip
Published: 10/17/2009
Description: Up here in Vermont, it's getting darker earlier and a heck of a lot colder. It does not take much for the mind to drift to thoughts of the Bahamas and bonefish. Tom has ten great tips for bonefish anglers of every level and throws in a quick freshwater tip by request.
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Tom's Ten Tips for Saltwater Fly Fishing
Published: 05/26/2010
Description: In saltwater fly fishing the fish are bigger, they fight harder and your approach needs to be different. Tom gives ten tips for saltwater fly fishing in this podcast.
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The Saltwater Fly Fishing in the Fall, Bait Fish Migration Podcast
Published: 09/17/2010
Description: We haven't done a salt episode in a while... and we know a whole bunch of you folks fish salt. Tom's favorite time of year to do so is in the fall. Here are some great tips he's learned over the years.
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An Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing
Published: 06/26/2008
Description: A great introduction to fly fishing in saltwater for those who have never done it, and an excellent refresher (with new pointers) for the rest of us!
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Tom Rosenbauer's Basic Bonefishing Tips
Published: 02/06/2009
Description: If you are headed out for your first bone fishing trip, or just want a few pointers, Tom has some great tips
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