Three and a Half Tips on Fly Fishing for Steelhead
Published: 10/06/2010
Description: Tom has three big tips for fly fishing for steelhead on location, timing and presentation. He has what he calls a half a tip on tackle.
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The Joy of Swinging: How, Where and When to Do It
Published: 07/21/2011
Description: This week I talk about swinging, and get your mind out of the gutter because it's not that kind of swinging. This is a family show. We discuss the art and science of swinging flies for trout, salmon, and steelhead, one of the most relazing and elegant way of covering lots of water. It doesn't work all the time and in every type of water, so listen to the podcast to find out where and when to do it--and how to choose the right fly. In the Fly Box questions this week we talk about using a 7-weight rod for trout, what an individual can do to make a trout stream better, invasive species, and how to catch bass in southern rivers in summer. Plus a note about an exciting new upgrade to our fishing reports where you can get a text message every time your favorite waters are updated.
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Tom's Steelhead Tips
Published: 12/05/2008
Description: In this podcast, Tom shares his steelhead tips. Arrive early, go home late, be ready for nasty weather and you could be rewarded with some great fishing.
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