Junk in the Trunk: Eggs, Worms and Scuds
Published: 03/19/2012
Description: This week in the Fly Box we first talk about what to expect when fishing for king salmon in Alaska, the half hitch vs. the whip finish in fly tying, and etiquette on salmon rivers. Then, in the main event, we explore the fascinating world of what some people call "junk" flies--worms, eggs, and scuds. These flies are fished like nymphs and are just as much a "match the hatch" situation as elegant mayfly nymphs (at least in my opinion).
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13 Tips on Leaders
Published: 03/09/2012
Description: In this week's fly box we talk about hook styles, casting on snow, and fly-fishing jargon. Then on to the main podcast, which is on the perenially popular subject of leaders: When to change tippets, how to modify your leader, the differences between the various types, fluoro vs. nylon, saltwater leaders described, and much more. It's a topic that is mystifying to many people and we hope we both intrigue and educate you this week.
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A brief video from the Roaring Branch.
Published: 07/20/2009
Description: A brief video from the Roaring Branch.
Video: How to Choose a Great Fishing Lodge for Your Next Trip
Published: 04/26/2010
Description: This is a special edition of the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast. Not only is it a video episode, we have special guest Paul Fersen, author of Great Fishing Lodges of North America to talk about what makes a great fishing lodge. You can purchase Paul's book online at www.orvis.com/greatfishinglodges
More Fall Fly Fishing Secrets
Published: 10/26/2011
Description: In the podcast this week, I go on a minor rant about the ethics of crowding on today's trout streams, and pretty much tell you if you don't like the crowds, take a hike (literally). I do give some suggestions on how to handle crowded situations if you have no other choice, but there is almost always another choice. And in the main part of the podcast, I share with you some fall fishing secrets. We have touched on this subject before, but since the last time I have received some more tips from all of you that I really shoudl share. I also announce a very special contest for the best suggestion for next week's podcast. The prize is an autographed copy of my new book, The Orvis Guide to The Essential American Flies, which is a large format book with spectacular color photos.
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Ten tips for Fishing Caddisflies
Published: 01/20/2012
Description: The main part of the podcast this week is 10 Tips on Fishing Caddis hatches, some tips I’ve learned over the years for successfully (sometimes!) fishing caddis hatches. Caddisflies are one of the most abundant aquatic insects in trout streams, and the fishing can range from incredibly easy to downright frustrating. But trout almost always love to eat them so we need to pay attention. Also in this podcast we talk about bedraggled flies, tailwater insects, and one of my favorite subjects, using roadkills for fly tying.
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How to Take Great Fishing Photos with Catch Magazine Editor Brian O'Keefe
Published: 01/25/2012
Description: This week I have a special guest, Brian O'Keefe, who owns the fantastic electronic magazine called Catch Magazine, along with his business partner Todd Moen. Brian has been in the fly fishing business as long as I have, and he's one of the best fly-fishing photographers out there. He's traveled all over the world to photograph some of the most exotic fly fishing locations, as well as plenty of cool places closer to home. We ramble a bit about the old days, but the podcast is mainly about tips for the novice fly-fishing photographer. This podcast is longer than usual so I left out the usual Fly Box section, which will return next week. Lots of good questions these days so I have a good list of topics to cover!
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12 Steps to Summer Dry Fly Fishing
Published: 07/06/2011
Description: This week in the Fly Box section, we talk about rod actions, line sizes, sunscreen, and dry flies in high water. In the main event, we'll give you some tips on summer dry flies, as summer is prime time for fishing on the surface.
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Fly Fishing High and Low Flow River Conditions
Published: 04/24/2009
Description: Today is Tom's birthday and as he is a "go with the flow" kinda guy, we are posting a podcast on how to do just that.
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8 Tips for Fly Fishing with Classic Wet Flies. (and an apology to bamboo afficionados)
Published: 03/31/2010
Description: Attention bamboo rod fanatics: we heard you! Tom responds to some feedback we received on one of our more popular podcasts on bamboo vs graphite and gives eight great tips on fishing classic wet flies... then throws in a bonus tip.
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The Top Five Casting Mistakes Revisited
Published: 12/09/2010
Description: In this episode, Tom is joined by Peter Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing School to revisit a subject that we have covered in the past, but is still requested: common casting mistakes. We've all made them, in this podcast learn how to identify and fix them.
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Ten Steps from Novice to Intermediate
Published: 06/27/2010
Description: In this week's podcast we have a great phone call from Molly with some exciting news and in The FlyBox a tip on further refining your casting practice. For the main event, we explore the topic of moving from novice to intermediate fly fisher with some tips on how to get there.
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Tips on Fly Fishing the Baetis / Blue Wing Olive Hatch
Published: 05/04/2009
Description: The baetis hatch is Tom's favorite and in this podcast he shares his tips for making the most of it.
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The Stealth Podcast
Published: 04/29/2010
Description: In this episode, Tom gets sneaky and gives tips on avoiding detection on the water... if you spook fewer fish, you catch more fish... pretty simple. Some good tips in here from color of clothing to the use of indicators.
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Lessons Learned the Hard Way with Simon Perkins
Published: 12/22/2010
Description: Montana fly-fishing guide, Simon Perkins is back home in Vermont for Christmas and joins Tom for a podcast on lessons learned the hard way. It's the mistakes that make us wise, if we learn from them. Learn from Tom and Simon's mistakes so you dont have to make them yourself!
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