Video: Casting Heavy Flies into the Wind
Published: 04/13/2011
Description: Welcome to our first installment of "Ask a Fly-Fishing Instructor," starring our own Peter Kutzer. A couple weeks ago, we asked you to post some questions about your biggest casting problems. Reader "Phil" wrote, "Any tips you can give on casting heavily weighted flies would be appreciated," and "Dave R." asked a much more specific version of the same question: When practicing with my 9wt with a piece of yarn tied to my leader (9' tied with 54" 40#, 18" 30# and 18" 15# tippet. All Maxima Ultra Green) I can cast consistently to 50' and beyond. But when I tie on a weighted fly ( clouser size 1 hook with small eyes) my line and leader seem to pile up and I have problems getting past 40'. So, cameraman Eric Weisledder and I met Peter at the casting ponds beside the Orvis Retail Store in Manchester, Vermont, so he could offer some tips on casting a heavy fly in the wind. Aside from being an excellent caster and teacher, Peter turns out to be a natural in front of the camera. And check out the way he nonchalantly switches hands to demonstrate the oval cast.
More Winter Fly Fishing Tips from Tom Rosenbauer
Published: 12/10/2009
Description: The snow arrived this week in Vermont and reminded Tom that he had more tips to share with us on fly fishing in winter. Grab your hot chocolate and take notes... there's a LOT of good stuff in this episode.
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Fly Fishing Pocket Water
Published: 09/24/2010
Description: Fly fishing in pocket water can be challenging, but it also provides a lot of opportunity. Make a stealthy approach and keep your casts short to avoid drag.
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Stillwater Fly Fishing Tips
Published: 04/25/2011
Description: With many trout rivers into serious runoff this month, and more to come as western snows melt, listeners have been asking for an early season stillwater podcast. This week I was lucky enough to interview Phil Rowley, one of the most knowledgeable stillwater anglers in the world and co-host of "The New Fly Fisher" TV show on World Fishing Network. I know I learned a lot in the show and I am sure you will as well. As an added bonus, there are some extra video tips from Phil, courtesy of "The New Fly Fisher".
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Fly Fishing Tailwaters and "Junk" Flies
Published: 01/08/2010
Description: The temperatures in a tailwater and available food make for bigger trout and really good good fly fishing. Tom has some great pointers in this podcast and then answers some questions regarding fishing egg and worm patterns... or what some call "junk" flies. Tom does not agree with that name, and tells us why.
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Tom Rosenbauer's Five Tips on River Access
Published: 09/30/2010
Description: River access is a hot issue. In this episode tom gives his 5 tips on stayign legal and getting access to land you may otherwise have skipped. Don't forget to check out! We're blogging on fly fishing, conservation, dogs, travel, and more at
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Dawn Patrol: Ten Tips (ok, eleven, but who's counting) for Early Morning Fishing
Published: 05/06/2011
Description: In this week's podcast, the main event is The Dawn Patrol, on the pleasures, perils, and advantages of getting up as early as a turkey hunter to get some of the best fly fishing of the season. We'll discuss dawn fishing for trout, tarpon, stripers, bonefish, permit, and steelhead. In this weeks' fly box we'll explore small stream trout rods, a couple tips for fighting fish, and how to fish alongside your buddies.
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Landing Big Fish from a Boat with Guest Steve Hemkens
Published: 01/14/2010
Description: Tom has pulled in another guest for this podcast on landing big fish from a boat. Tom and Steve fish together a lot and tom knows Steve has a lot of technique to share on this topic. This is a fun podcast with a lot of information!
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Fall Fly Fishing Tips for Eastern and Western Anglers
Published: 10/11/2010
Description: In this episode tom is joined in the studio by Trout Unlimited's cable show ON THE RISE host Jed Fiebelkorn to discuss tips for anglers in both the eastern and western United States.
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A (very) Brief History of Fly Fishing
Published: 05/12/2011
Description: This week I give a brief and sorta rambling overview of fly-fishing history, which is difficult to do in a short podcast so I've included the names of a couple good books on the subject. In this week's fly box, we have two casting tips, a word about "lining" fish, a short discussion of what to do when faced with crowded trout streams, and help when trying to detect a strike when nymph fishing. Lots of little bits and pieces!
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Ten Fly Fishing Tips for When you First Get to the Water (but this one goes to 11)
Published: 01/22/2010
Description: Here is a great checklist for new fly fishers and veterans for when you first get to a river. Check the temperature, take your time getting into the water and don't be afraid to change your location! Have a suggestion for the podcast?
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Purposeful Solitude: Special Guest Paul Fersen Reads "Moving Water"
Published: 10/21/2010
Description: Tom is out this week, so we asked resident author Paul Fersen to read from a recent piece he wrote for American Angler magazine on fishing for bass off Cape Cod.
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10 Tips for Preparing for a Day on the Water
Published: 05/19/2011
Description: This week we answer a listener's question about a day in the life of an experienced fly fisher--but more how to prepare for a day than what he or she would actually do once on the water, which can vary greatly from day to day or on different kinds of waters. In this week's fly box, we talk about what color is most visible on attractor fly wings (you will be as surprised as I was!), how to pick the right reel seat, and what color to choose on attractor flies. Plus Phil Monahan updates us on the latest juicy bits from the Orvis blog.
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Casting into the Wind with Orvis CEO, Perk Perkins
Published: 01/25/2010
Description: In Tom's episode on casting into the wind, he was fortunate enough to have Orvis CEO Perk Perkins join him for a lively back and forth on different methods. In this episode, Tom and Perk reference the video below from the DVD entitled "Taming the Wind" featuring Prescott Smith.
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Fly Tying 101
Published: 11/19/2010
Description: As Tom was sitting down to tape this episode we got an email from a listener that made us all smile regarding his daughter's first fly. Tom reads it in this episode and tt was good timing as Tom lays out the basics of what you need to get into fly tying as a great addition to your fly fishing experience... but don't get into it thinking you're going to save money on flies! Good lighting, a comfortable seat, reading glasses and this podcast episode are a great start to a rewarding, lifelong hobby.
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