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Unwinding A Leader (8 of 15)

Here's a tip for taking a leader out of the package. You take the leader out of the package and you see that it's coiled up. And you'll notice that the heavy part, which we call the butt section, that's the piece with the loop on it, is wrapped around these coils. But it's only wrapped around a few times.

So what you do, is you first unwrap, carefully unwrap, that heavy thing and you can see when it stops. It's usually wrapped around 3 or 4 times around the leader. Then without letting go, you put your fingers in the center of that leader and then you should be able to just peel those coils right off your fingers without tangling it. A lot of people just go with the leader and grab the coils and it ends up in a big ball and they have to either throw it out or spend half hour untangling it. So that's a real tip for ya. It will save you a lot of time on the stream.