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Advanced/Intermediate Fly Fishing Lessons

Chapter One: Euro Nymphing

Some call it Euro nymphing, others call it Czech nymphing, Polish nymphing, French nymphing, or tightline nymphing. George Daniel calls it contact nymphing. This is a deadly technique for getting nymphs to the bottom quickly and keeping them riding close to the bottom for a longer drift. Although the concept originated with competition anglers, we’ve modified it to suit anglers who just want an effective and fascinating way to catch trout.

Chapter Two: Small Streams

Small stream trout fishing gets you away from boats and swimmers and other people, and takes anglers back to the essence of fly fishing. The tackle you need is minimal and the fly selection is simple. Fish are mostly small but they are invariably wild, and it’s mostly dry-fly fishing. If you need a day on the water where you catch lots of trout that are relatively easy to catch, small stream trout fishing is for you. And yes, you will get caught in trees but we also have some tips for minimizing those problems!

Chapter Three: Streamers

Streamer fishing has changed, or to use a better term, expanded over the past decade. The flies are bigger, sometimes flashier, and we fish them all kinds of ways—not just swinging in the current or stripped away from the bank. Learn about new flies, different fly lines, and new techniques to catch the largest trout in a river. You’ll also learn about night fishing for trout, and using mouse patterns both after dark and during the day.