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1. Why chase bonefish? (1 of 15)

Why do people travel thousands of miles to chase these fish? What makes them so exciting and interesting on a fly rod?
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Video Transcript:

I'm Tom Rosenbauer. Welcome to the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing. I often think that bonefish are one of the most perfect fish for fly fishers. They live and feed in shallow water. They eat small prey perfectly suited for imitating with a fly. They're just spooky and selective enough to make things interesting. You can stalk them on foot or from a small boat.
And for such a small fish, they make fast and powerful runs, enough to test the drag of a fly reel and maybe even get you into your back. Wow. This big old bonefish came in alone and this came in on the flat very shallow water.
I threw the fly to him. He came right over and ate it. They don't always do that.

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