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Fly Fishing Knots: Albright Knot Video

The Albright Knot is the best knot for combining wire with monofilament. It can also be used to attach backing to fly line.

See detailed instructions below the video:


How to Tie the Abright Knot

1. Bend a loop in the tag end of the larger line. There should be at least 4 inches of overlap. Pass the smaller line through the loop and pinch it against the larger line such that there are about 2 inches of the tag end of the heavier line extending beyond your fingers, and about 3 inches of the lighter line.

2. Wind the lighter line around the doubled section of the heavier line, working toward the loop. The turns should be smooth and close together. Make 5 to 12 smooth and closely spaced turns-more if the lines are very different in size, fewer if they are very similar. Pass the lighter material through the loop on the same side of the loop that it entered.

3. Slowly tighten by pulling the standing parts of both lines. Work the coils toward the end of the loop, but don't let them slip off. When they're near the end, tighten the coils by alternately pulling on the tag end and the standing part of the lighter line. Repeat until tight. Grip the tag end of the lighter line with forceps and pull once more to completely tighten.

4. Pull hard on the standing parts of the lines to make sure the knot will not slip, then trim the tag ends.