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Fly Fishing Knots: Bimini Twist Knot Animation

The Bimini Twist is for making a double strand at one or both ends of class tippet in salt water. It's also used for making a double strand of backing for attaching backing to fly line for big game fishing.

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How to Tie the Bimini Twist Knot

1. Make at least 20 twists in a double piece of class tippet.

2. Anchor the end of the loop around a firm object. Tighten the twists by expanding the loop. You can do this by placing the loop around your knees and using them to spread the loop apart, or by placing it over a cleat and using your index finger to pull up on the loop.

3. Feed the tag end of the tippet back over the twists just formed. This is easiest if the first set of twists stay in the line with the loop, the loop is pulled apart, and the tippet's tag end is held at an angle to the first twists. The second row of twists should be as close and tight to each other as possible and should be "fed" to the line as it tightens.

4. Pinch all the twists together to keep them from unwinding while making an overhand knot around one leg of the loop with the tag end. After the overhand is tightened you can release the twists.

5. Holding a space open between the standing part of the tippet and the tag end, just beyond the twists, wind the tag end around the standing part of the tippet four times.

6. Pass the tag end back through the space in front of the twists. Moisten the knot and pull on the tag end and the loop that has been formed. You may have to work the coils back and forth a bit to get them to seat neatly without overlapping. Trim the tag end about 1/16 from the knot.