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Fly Fishing Knots: The Double Surgeon's Loop Animation

The Double Surgeon's Loop is easier to tie than a perfection loop in heavy tippet, but the standing part of leader is cocked off to one side.

See detailed instructions below animation, or toggle thru each step:

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How to Tie the Double Surgeon's Loop

1. Bend a loop in the leader, so that the tag end overlaps the standing part for about 5 inches. Pinch the top of the loop with one hand, and the bottom of the loop near the tag end with the other. With the doubled section of line, tie a loose overhand knot.

2. Pass the single loop through again to create a double overhand knot.

3. Lubricate the knot with saliva and tighten by pinching the tag and standing parts of the line with one hand and pulling the loop in the opposite direction.