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Fly Fishing Knots: Haywire Twist Knot Animation

The Haywire Twist is used for attaching stiff single-strand wire to a fly with a loop. It should not be used in more flexible multi-strand wires, were standard knots will work.

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How to Tie the Haywire Twist Knot

1. Pass the wire through the eye of the hook. Bend it back toward the standing part of the wire.

2. Twist the tag end of the wire 5 times around the standing part of the wire, working away form the fly.

3. Turn the tag end so it is at a right angle with the standing part, and make three tight barrel coils around the standing part of the wire.

4. Don't cut the tag end as this may leave a sharp edge. Instead, bend the tag end 90 degrees and twist this little handle back and forth until the tag end snaps off right next to the standing part of the wire.