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Fly Fishing Knots: Improved Blood Knot Animation

The Improved Blood Knot is used for connecting sections of tippet that vary greatly in diameter. The smaller diameter is doubled so that sections are more equal in strength and diameter.

See detailed instructions below animation, or toggle thru each step:

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How to Tie the Improved Blood Knot

1. Double about 4 inches of the lighter strand and cross it over the heavier strand, about 4 inches from the tag end.

2. Wind the heavier strand three times around the stranding part of the doubled strand. Poke the loop of the doubled strand through the place where it first crossed the doubled strand.

3. Wind the doubled strand 4 times over the heavier strand, working away from the end where they first crossed. Pass the loop of the doubled strand through the same hole where the tag end of the heavier strand goes through, but in the opposite direction.

4. Pull on the standing ends to tighten the knot.

5. Trim the tag end of the bigger piece, and the loop of the lighter piece close to the knot.