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Fly Fishing Knots: Speed Nail Knot Video

The Speed Nail Knot is used to attach a short permanent piece of butt material to a fly line or to make small nail knots over a fly line doubled loop.

See detailed instructions below the video:


How to Tie the Speed Nail Knot

1. Place a stiff object like a nail or straightened paper clip alongside the fly line.

2. Make an open loop in a piece of monofilament, with the two ends overlapping and in opposite directions. lay the overlapping ends of the loop next to the line and straightener so that all are parallel.

3. Begin winding the side of the loop closest to the end of the fly line back over itself, the line, and the stiffener. It should wind away from the end of the fly line in smooth turns that touch each other. Make sure the loop winds around the end of the line and the tag end of the loop.

4. After 5 complete turns, pull the end of the loop closest to the end of the fly line while pinching the coils you just formed with your fingers. Tighten completely by wrapping the longer end ( the one you pulled ) around your hand and holding the tag end with a pair of pliers or forceps until the large loop is closed and very tight. Trim the tag end.