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Virtual Fly Tying 101 – Winter 2022/2023

Orvis Virtual Fly Tying 101

If you have always wanted to learn to tie your own flies, now is the time. This online class will take you through the entire fly-tying process, step-by-step from beginning to end, with easy-to-follow instructions. We selected four flies that not only catch fish, but also help you build your fly-tying skills, so you have the confidence to continue your fly-tying journey.

Tools and supplies for this course
Fly Tying 101 Class
If you don’t have tools already, a ready-made kit is helpful to get started or you can build your own with the following:
– to hold the hook while you tie the fly.
– to hold and control thread.
– to cut and trim materials.
– to make final wraps and finish your fly
– a versatile tool to have available.
Although not necessary, the following tools can be helpful while tying your first flies:
Bobbin threader--Makes it easier to get the thread inserted into the bobbin tube
For shorter hackles, gives you more control when winding a hackle around the hook
- to finish and add durability to flies

Skills you'll need for this class

  • How to set up and use your fly-tying vise
  • The parts of a hook and how to use them for proportions on your flies
  • How to use the bobbin to control and wrap thread
  • How to attach materials to the hook with the Pinch Wrap
  • How to attach materials to a hook with a Jam Wrap
  • How to attach fur or synthetic fibers to make a fly body using the dubbing method
  • How to "save your work" at various steps using a half hitch
  • How to secure the head of your fly at the end with a whip finish

Tying Vise

Hook Structure


Pinch Wrap

Jam Wrap


Half Hitches

Whip Finish

The Flies

San Juan

Great starter fly to attach thread & materials to a hook. Plus catches lots of fish

Beadhead Caddis

Build on your skills by adding a bead to hook and learn how to make dubbing noddle

Fur Ant

Practice those dubbing skill and introduce palmering hackle

Woolly Bugger

Build on above skills and set up for rest of their fly tying journey. And super versatile fly to catch a variety of fish species.

Other patterns from previous live classes

Need a refresher or want to catch up on previous classes? Here are recordings from our past Fly Tying 101 classes. Please note, questions will only be available during live classes and any comments from recordings won’t be seen. If you ever have any questions or need tying tips, you can stop by any Orvis store for hands-on instruction post-class or to join an in-person Fly Tying 101.

We ask that you do not share these files with others – thank you.