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Tying Hair Wings Part Two

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Video Transcript:

With the hair cleaned and stacked, measure to form a wing a hook shank in length and then transfer that measurement forward to the tie-in point. Take touching thread wraps rearward to bind the hair to the top of the hook. Then snip the butts off at a shallow angle.

Return your thread to the original tie-in point and pull the hair back to expose the hook shank. Take wraps to build up a thread dam that props up the hair. Then relocate your thread to behind the hair. Split the hair into equal clumps and make cross wraps to separate them.

With this done, take a complete wrap around the shank, behind the wings. Then come around the outside of the far wing, and go between the two. Then counter wrap around the hook shank. Now go around the outside of the near wing and come back between the two. Follow this with a full normal turn around the shank. You can then repeat the entire sequence once again to really set the wings in place.

Once the wings are set, go on and complete the rest of the fly. Wraps done in this manner should keep the wings both separated and upright.