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Parachute Hackle Method - Finish on the Post

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Video Transcript:

Construct a parachute post using the method of your choice, end with your thread in front of the post. Strip off 1/4” of fibers from the butt end of an appropriately sized hackle feather. With the shiny side facing up, lay the bare stem against the near side of the hook and take thread wraps to secure it. Bend the stem up to vertical and lash it to the post with wraps of tying thread. End with your thread like this.

Bend the feather down so its dull side faces up. Start making touching wraps with it, one under the other, down the post. 4 to 5 wraps is usually plenty. With your thread parallel to the hook shank, take wraps around the post and hackle feather, below the fibers, to bind the hackle feather down. After 3 or 4 turns, use your tying scissors to snip the excess tip off close.

With a large whip finish tool, do a vertical 3 to 4 turn whip finish, like so. After seating the knot, snip your thread free.

A drop of head cement applied to the thread wraps will help to ensure they don’t come unraveled. Finally, trim the post to about a hook shank in length.