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Parachute Post – Needle Method

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Video Transcript:

The Needle Method of creating a parachute post is quick, easy and effective.

Start by getting the post material firmly anchored to the top of the hook shank with wraps of tying thread – two over top, two around just the shank, two over top again then one or two flat wraps to help the material point upward.

Raid the sewing kit and locate regular sewing needles. I’ve found the smallest ones with the thinnest diameter work best. Lay the point of the needle against the near side of the hook so it’s pointing straight up.

Start taking wraps of tying thread around the needle and the post material. The needle provides the stability required to make nice, tight wraps, first up, then back down the post. When you reach the hook, withdraw the needle. You should be left with a tight, smooth post.

This method lends itself well to tying in the hackle just after attaching the post material. That way, you’ve already included the hackle in the post, thus saving a step. So, as soon as you’re done posting and withdraw the needle, you can go right into wrapping the hackle.