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Parachute Post – UV Resin Method

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Video Transcript:

Start by getting the post material firmly anchored to the top of the hook shank. For this method, err on the side of less material rather than more.

Deposit just a small drop of UV cure resin onto a sticky note or scrap piece of paper. Use your bodkin to pick up an ample drop and then place it directly above the tie-in point, between the two clumps of post material.

Twist the post material hard to compress it and distribute the resin throughout the base. Wipe off any excess that squeezes out. Without letting go of the post, turn on the UV torch and use it to cure the resin. Once the resin is cured, you can release the post material to see the short rigid post that’s been formed.

For those of you concerned with the weight of the resin, just keep in mind that the thread used in traditional posting also has weight. I think the two are comparable.