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Parachute Post – Traditional Method

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Video Transcript:

Get your thread started on the hook shank then leave it 1/3 of the way down the shank from the eye.

Para post material or polypropylene yarn is commonly used for the post. Cut a card-width segment free and separate the strand into two equal strands. Find one strand’s midpoint and position it above your tying thread. Take two wraps to anchor the material, then two around just the shank followed by two more around the material. Take a single posting wrap to angle the material slightly up.

Give your bobbin a counterclockwise spin to uncord and flatten the thread. The flattened thread will provide more surface area for posting and will tend to jump down the post rather than up while wrapping.

Start taking wraps with the flattened thread to pull the post together. Occasionally use your left hand to brace the post and tighten the wraps. When the post is about half a hook gap in length, start wrapping back down. When you reach the hook make sure to take at least 2 wraps around the shank to save your work. Otherwise, one wrong pull and all the wraps could come unraveled.