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Parachute Post - 90 Degree Method

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Video Transcript:

To produce a parachute post using the 90 degree method, secure the midpoint of a short length of post material to the hook, 1/4 - 1/3 of the way down the shank.

Pull up on the material and take 1 or 2 complete wraps around the base of the post, above the hook shank. Give your bobbin a counterclockwise spin to uncord and flatten the thread.

Remove the hook from your tying vise and rotate it 90 degrees like this, so the hook eye is pointing down. While holding the post with your right hand, start taking thread wraps up the post with your left. Once you’ve reached the desired height, begin taking wraps back down, while maintaining pressure on the post with your right hand. It’s amazing how smooth and tight you can make the post using this method.

When you reach the base of the post, get hold of the hook and rotate it back up to its normal position in your tying vise. Make sure to take a complete wrap or two around just the hook shank to save your work and prevent the post wraps from unraveling.

I think this might be the easiest and most accurate way to create a parachute post.