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Parachute Hackle - UV Resin to the Post

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Video Transcript:

Create a parachute post using your favorite method, here, UV cure resin. Strip a 1/4” of fibers free from the butt end of an appropriately sized hackle feather. With the shiny side facing up, lay the bare stem against the near side of the hook and take thread wraps to secure it back to the base of the post. Then take wraps forward, do a 4 or 5 turn whip finish and snip or cut your tying thread free.

Squeeze out just the smallest drop of UV resin so it’s handy. Get hold of the hackle feather and start making touching wraps with it up the parachute post. Because you’re going up, it’s easy to see and make precise wraps. With the desired amount of turns complete, use your dubbing needle to pick up a small amount of the resin. Apply it to where the hackle stem touches the post.Then cure the resin with an ample bath of UV light. Give a test pull to make sure the bond is strong. You can then reach in with your tying scissors and snip the excess hackle off close. Finally, trim the parachute post to length.

This method might not be for everyone but it really does work like a charm.