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Storing Materials

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In terms of storing fly tying materials, I’ve tried a lot of things over the years but keep coming back to Ziploc food storage bags, both the gallon and the quart size. I’m particularly fond of the new ones with the easy open tabs as they are definitely easier to open and they also seal well. I will try to write on the bags to identify them but for the most part you can see what the materials are inside. For say, a material like this Krystal Flash, I’ll store both packaged materials as well as loose ones in the same Ziploc. The hanks of Krystal Flash are long enough that they require a one gallon bag. Hanks of flashabou get similar treatment. For smaller materials, the quart-sized bags work just fine. Using the smaller bags allows me to group like materials, such as different sizes or types of chenille, into one larger bag. I’ve found the 3-drawered plastic storage towers, available at many big-box stores, work exceptionally well for storing the Ziplock bags. Once again, I’ll group similar materials in the same drawer.