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Dubbing Brush and Magnet Tool

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Video Transcript:

This combination dubbing brush and magnet tool is one of the most valuable in my fly tying kit yet cost next to nothing to make. Start with a popsicle stick, be sure to choose one that’s both straight and flat. General purpose Velcro is used to create the dubbing brush. Any kind of sheet magnet, like these magnetic business cards or the small magnets found in some hook packets will work. Begin by pulling the hook side of the Velcro free from the backing. The adhesive on these is generally strong enough to affix it directly to one end of the popsicle stick. You can then trim it to shape, it doesn’t have to be exact. Trace the other end of the stick onto the magnet, then trim that to shape. Coat the opposite end of the popsicle stick with Superglue and press down on the sticky side of the magnet. Hold it there for a bit, so the magnet adheres well. An emory board or nail file can be used to clean up the edges of both the magnet and the Velcro. The Velcro end is just the greatest for brushing out dubbing to make a fly look buggy. While the magnetic end is super handy for picking up small items such as hooks and even some beads.