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Matching a Bead to a Hook

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Video Transcript:

Matching the correct hook with the correct bead can, at first, seem a daunting task but it really isn’t that difficult. To start, if you’re using a jig hook, do use a slotted bead. They’re the ones that have a small round hole on one end and a more open slot on the other. Likewise, if you’re using a regular hook use a standard bead. These generally have a small hole in the front and a larger counter-sunk hole in the back.

Whether slotted or standard, you want to pair the correct diameter bead with the size hook you’re using. Charts like this one are readily available online and can even be found on some bead packages. They let you know that beads are sized based on their diameters. These diameters are usually measured in fractions of an inch. Sometimes however, they’re measured in millimeters. The chart shows what diameter beads match what hooks over a range of sizes. You can usually count on the very best match being the size in the middle of the range given.