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Comparadun - Deer Hair Tie In

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Video Transcript:

With the appropriate deer hair for a comparadun selected, and a small clump of it cleaned and stacked, it’s time to actually tie in the wing.

Measure to form a wing a hook shank in length. Then transfer that measurement forward to your tying thread, which should be positioned about an eye-length and a half behind the back edge of the hook eye.

While pinching the clump of hair, take two full thread wraps around the clump and the hook shank, then squeeze with your fingertips as you pull straight down on your tying thread. If your deer hair choice is correct, the hair should flair about like this. While continuing to pinch, move your fingers back on the clump and take a few more tight thread wraps rearward. Keep doing this until the hair no longer wants to spin around the hook shank. While maintaining the pinch, snip the deer hair off at an angle.

Pull the hair up and back then use the thumbnail of your right hand to kind of crease it in a vertical position. You can then fan the hair out to cover a full 180 degrees.

To keep the hair from tilting forward over time, brace it both front and back with tight wraps of a dubbing noodle.