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Comparadun - Selecting Deer Hair - Part 1

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Video Transcript:

Comparaduns are beautiful and effective flies but the deer hair wing that helps define them has frustrated fly tiers from the git-go.

Selecting the appropriate deer hair is the first and arguably the most important step when it comes to producing a good looking and functional wing. One of the best ways to ensure you’re starting with the right kind of deer hair is to purchase stuff that’s been sorted and labeled for the purpose. Obviously anything labelled “comparadun” should be at least somewhat usable. Nearly all the major suppliers have it in natural, bleached or dyed colors. Some have their own names for it but it’s basically the same stuff. Most of the time, anything labeled “coastal deer hair” will also work, as will deer hair from Wapsi labeled “short/fine”.

It is possible to use deer hair that’s not specifically labeled for comparaduns but you really need to know what you’re looking for – hair length, tips, texture, thickness and coloration all matter greatly.