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Bucktail Wing Tie-In

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Video Transcript:

Many tiers tie in a bucktail wing by simply measuring the hair to length, lashing it to the top of the hook shank then snipping the butt ends off at an angle. This is ok but it often results in an elongated head with little steps in it that can be difficult to cover up with thread wraps.

Still another method is to snip the butt ends off at a reverse angle, place them on top of the hook shank and take wraps to bind them down. Although this looks good, it’s not especially secure and lower hairs can be easily pulled out from under the wraps.

I like to first measure the bucktail and snip the butt ends off square. I’ll then angle the hair up and push the butt ends down over both sides of the hook, right at the back edge of the hook eye. After cording up my tying thread, I’ll start taking angled wraps that lay 90 degrees to the hair. The result is a reasonably smooth transition down to the hook shank, a relatively short, neat head and a wing that kicks up at a pleasant angle.