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See What You’re Doing - Part 2

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Video Transcript:

With fly tying, there’s a second component to seeing what you’re doing aside from vision correction, and that’s light. Without it, you simply can’t see. And as we know, you have to see well to tie well. Fortunately, in recent years, LED lights have become cheaper and readily available. They’re small, run cool and are capable of generating not only a quantity of light, but a good quality of light as well. Some have multiple heads that are easily positioned. Others have flat arrays of LED lights that are adjustable, in terms of intensity as well as color temperature. Typically, 5600K or daylight is the most desirable. LED ring lights that vloggers can’t seem to live without work very well for tying, as they encircle the fly with light. Disc lights for vlogging, like this one, produce a wonderful soft light in varying intensities. This particular model can run off of AC power but also has a built-in rechargeable battery that runs for a couple of hours. In addition, it folds down into a tight little package, which is super handy for travel.