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Touch Dubbing Pattern & Tying Instructions

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Video Transcript:

Start by pulling down on your bobbin to expose about 3 inches of thread. Super sticky wax like Loon’s High Tack Swax works best. Run a light skim first up and down the thread then kind of across it to get a uniform coating. You don’t need much.

Natural fur is ideal for touch dubbing, here, light hare’s mask. Take a small clump from the packet and pull it apart then put it back together several times to align the fibers. Place the clump in your bobbin hand and squeeze hard with both sets of fingertips while pulling a thin slip free.

Lightly touch the fur to the waxed thread so it sticks. Repeat this procedure pinching and pulling then placing the fur several more times until you have about a 2 inch length.

Start taking wraps with your thread. As the fur begins to get pinned beneath the wraps, preen it rearward. Yes, this looks like a lot of dubbing but much of it will pull out after the initial wrapping and a bit more while the fly is fished.