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Double feature - the Everglades from a guides and scientists perspective

Description: The issue of freshwater flow through the Everglades is an issue that Orvis has worked on for a number of years as one of our major conservation projects, and we've worked with some strong partners on the ground, like the Everglades Foundation, Captains for Clean Water, Now or Neverglades, and Bullsugar/Friends of the Everglades. This week we have a double feature on this national treasure. The first part of the podcast is with scientist Steve Davis of the Everglades Foundation [41:05], who discusses the recent progress and environmental conditions in the Everglades, in times of poor freshwater flow and healthy flows. The second part of the podcast is with Orvis-endorsed guide Jason Sullivan [1:28:17], who spends nearly every day in the Everglades and depends on its health for his livelihood. And yes, don't worry we talk fishing and what it's like fly fishing in the everglades--for tarpon, snook, redfish, and even tailing tripletail!
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