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Steelhead Tips with Adam MacNamara

Description: This week’s podcast is worth listening to, just for the entertainment value of hearing a listener say he doesn’t listen to many of the podcasts because I “speak too slowly as if you are a grade school teacher teaching remedial students” and that “Words or ideas that are so basically common knowledge of this sport need no explanation. For example, if one of your listeners doesn’t know what a tippet is, they should look it up elsewhere and not waste the other listeners’ time with a long, slooow, and overdrawn explanation” So take that, you dummies! Use Google and don’t bother me with your basic questions. Are you bothered by this? Or do you have a different opinion? If so, please listen to the podcast and then come back to this post to air your comments. If I’m boring you I want to hear about it. Oh, yeah, and my long overdrawn explanations this week cover right-angle nymph rigs, rotary vises, lines for bonefish, year class dominance in trout, why there is no magic fly for a hatch, tying the Surf Candy, and much more. And the main event is an interview with Adam MacNamara, manager of the Orvis retail store in Portland Oregon and longtime steelhead angler and guide. And you’ll never guess what we talk about…
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