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6. How To Pick A Euro Nymphing Line (6 of 20)

How to pick a Euro nymphing line. What is the best fly line for Euro nymphing?

Video Transcript:

- [Tom] We use a very, very thin line. And before when I've done this with, kind of, a standard rod, like, a 10-foot 3-weight or 4-weight, I used a leader that was twice as long as the rod, so that the line always stayed right here and didn't sag. Because I know when you have a heavier fly line, when you've got a line out there, it sags and then it pulls it back toward you, you don't want that. So you want a thin line, and we're using shorter leaders than I have before here because we don't need it, right? Because we've got that really thin fly line. - [George] Correct. The thin fly line is basically mimicking larger diameter monofilament. - And if you do have to make a longer cast, you can put that line on the water and mend it and... - Absolutely.