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2. What Even is Spey Fishing? (2 of 15)

Spey has hit the world by storm and in addition to steelhead it’s not uncommon to see salmon, trout and even bass. So what exactly qualifies and what are the basics?

The most important consideration in the world of spey is the cast used. To fit the prescription spey requires a roll cast and it should change direction. Central to this world of angling is swinging a fly down through current. When finished the fly and line are drawn and deposited back in the river- change of direction. In the delivery of that final cast the line should maintain some contact with surface- the roll cast.

So is spey the same as two handed? No it’s not necessary to have a 2 handed rod to spey and some small spey setups are incredibly effective and an absolute blast. When targeting larger species however the fulcrum created by opposing top and bottom hands is efficient and remarkably easy. Therefore 2 handed rods are the darling of spey casting. Also it looks real badass.

To understand the basics of spey it’s important to understand 3 major parts of a spey cast.

First is the anchor or the portion of the line resting on the surface during the roll cast. How much or how little will determine a large part of the energy of your cast. Like building a bridge you need to start with a good foundation.

Second you require the d-loop or the backcast of your spey delivery. Because you have line touching the surface when you swing behind you creating load it makes a “D” shape behind and under the road. A lot can be realized about a casters ability by analysing this.

The Forward Cast is the last part. A delivery lined up in the same plane as the D loop will have the least correction to achieve and will use the energy in the cast most effectively. Most easily visualized with an overhead single hand cast, if you make a backcast directly behind yourself and then turn and throw the forward cast in a different and random plane it’s either going to fall flat or slap you in the back of the head.

Spey casts are as varied as ice cream flavours but the chocolate and vanilla of BC steelhead fishing are the snap t and double spey. With those 2 basics you can approach any system and have a fighters chance of delivering a knock out blow.