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4. Casting Around Obstacles (4 of 15)

Two handed rods and spey casting offer all sorts of versatility around obstacles. By maintaining an anchor on the water you can avoid messy backcasts and wild deliveries. It’s also incredibly easy to adjust on the fly based on last second observations.

When in dense casting conditions one of the easiest ways of adjusting a delivery is the angle of the forward cast. Just swinging the rod on a specific plane will avoid obstructions around the angler. Simply put if you don’t want to strike that branch above your head then don’t.

If your surroundings don’t allow for a proper forward cast you will have trouble generating a good delivery. Two solutions when limited by space are to add some speed to the d loop to generate some additional load or some power to your condensed forward swing. You will become very familiar with people telling you less is more in spey casting and here’s your chance to break the rules!

Another consideration for avoiding overhead problems are as simple as rod selection. If you expect to be under trees then picking a shorter quick action rod will be the best option. We recommend the Orvis Mission 11’ 8 wt with all the power to turn over gawdy steelhead gear but the finesse to show off a little while doing it.

When concerned with obstructions in the steelhead lie and on the other side of the river the forward loop is of considerable importance. First, the tighter the loop the less opportunity for it to climb and find a limb. Next is the trajectory that the loops travels. On a big system when you’re crushing your casts with silverback gorilla force casts have a tendency to climb. Standing in the crowd at Speyorama watching the worlds best casters compete it can seem the lines are approaching the stratosphere. To get it way out there heights important but to get it under obstructions it only takes adjusting your forward plane. Angling the delivery slightly towards the water and unloading the rod with a stop while traveling down can sneak in kind of lies fly flickers have no place being.

Small systems with their unending challenges are some of the most rewarding opportunities in fishing and finding success it tricky situations is a high you’ll be chasing for years to come.