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7. THE Most Important Consideration- Orvis Pro Wader Review (7 of 15)

The most important consideration out there on the water is waders. You can do without them. They better be good. I can make or break an entire trip.

The Orvis Pro Waders are the ones you want.

The first thing you notice is a great fit. Not tight in the wrong places and not your best impression of MC Hammer pant either. Room in the padded knees and good sized booties.

You quickly notice the number of pockets. Ample waterproof storage on the outside and two large pockets on the inside including a detachable set. I don’t recommend bringing every piece of tackle you own but if you like, the Orvis Pro Waders have the room.

For us the most important consideration is the durability. Now it’s hardly fair to blame the manufacturers for all the mistakes we make out on the river but its hardly stopped me before. Steelheading you can expect to take them through rough brush, over logs, in vehicles, boats, planes and helicopters. Even the occasional fly been known to strike me from god knows where (not mine of course) and these waders were up to the challenge.

We highly recommend our go to wader the Orvis Pro.