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10. Advanced Mending Techniques for More Fish (10 of 15)

Flyfishing has some inherent challenges brought on by moving water. One of the most important considerations is how to manipulate the line to achieve the presentation you want. Beyond simple mends there are some useful tactics to alter the speed and depth of a swing.

a) Feed mending- make your cast out and across, mend and then when the tension is lost strip and feed line to maximize the depth. The key is releasing the fed line before everything comes tight. b) Step Mend- make your cast, then mend and simply step down river as your line travels drag free to create depth. c) Pull Back- when gauging the length of your desired cast hold a little extra line. As your forward cast approaches the end of the delivery pull back slightly releasing the couple feet of extra line in your hand. This will create some slack that you can then use to mend into your presentation. Advantages are the slack can be used create depth and reposition line for a slower swing all without pulling on the fly (which loses depth with tension).

On small high gradient streams fish often congregate in lies with heavy overhead current and presenting a fly can be a real challenge.