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2. What do we mean by small streams? (2 of 15)

What do we mean by small streams? Exactly what is meant by small stream trout fishing? How big or how small can they be?

Video Transcript:

- You know, most people would drive by this little stream and never think about fishing it, they think, oh, it's too small to hold fish, too small to hold a decent fish. Nobody else around, no boats, no inner tubes and solitude, what could be better? We're gonna talk about small streams in this show, but first, a bit of clarification.
By small streams, I mean those streams that are too small to float a boat, and anywhere from the width of a two-lane country road, to ones you can step across. These are the streams that most people don't bother to fish, and the ones you'll seldom find any written or internet information on. So either need some local intelligence by visiting a fly shop and buying something, or you should have an interest in exploring.
It's what I like best about small streams. You never know what you'll encounter until you get out there and fish them. Most of the fish you catch will be small, and you need to learn to appreciate them in perspective. However, there's always hope that you'll find that one big trout, hidden in a deeper pool and a small stream. If you appreciate the beauty of little gems and beautiful places, you'll soon learn to love small streams, the way I do.
You know, a lot of people would laugh at a fish like this, but this is a beautiful wild trout from a small stream. He fought pretty well, he's never seen the inside of a hatchery tank. He's got beautiful, beautiful clean, white-edge fins. Just a gorgeous little fish.