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8. Using a tenkara rod on small streams (8 of 15)

Using a tenkara rod on small streams. Why tenkara rods, why are simple rods without a fly line or reel, can be perfect for small stream trout fishing.

Video Transcript:

So for small mountain streams like this, there's no better tool than a Tenkara rod, it's very simple fly fishing. It has no reel, you tie the line to the end of the rod and has no fly line. What you have is a piece of level line that's about one and a half times the length of the rod and it's highly visible, it's highly visible monofilament. And then on the end, you just have 4 feet of 5X tippett, That's all you need.
One of the biggest advantages of a tenkara rod is that you have no fly line so you can keep that light line in the air. You keep all your line off the water, just a little bit of your tippet and you get really great drag-free flows.