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12. How fast should you move when fishing small streams (12 of 15)

How fast should you move when fishing small streams? How fast should you move on small trout streams, and what is the best approach? How long sh

Video Transcript:

Don't spend time in each little pocket in small streams. For the most part, try to either take your fly on the first few casts, or you'll spook them with your presence and they won't take anything. Sneak up to an attractive spot carefully. Then make a dozen casts, and move on to the next good one. You may also have to do a lot of walking between spots to find places that might hold trout.
In some small streams, you'll find fish in almost every little pocket. In others, you'll only find them in the very best places. When I fish into a stream, I like to fish everything first. And then, only if I find trout in the deeper, more protected pockets will I move quickly between spots.
And then, just look for the good stuff. If you're not catching fish in a small stream just keep moving. It's usually not the fly. I've got a big, attractive dry fly on here. I'm hanging a nymph below it. Not picking up any fish. The fish just haven't woken up.
So hopefully, by moving, you'll find a place where the fish are a little more agreeable.