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14. How to avoid spooking small stream trout (14 of 15)

How to avoid spooking small stream trout. Although small stream trout are not very picky about the flies they eat, they can be quite cautious. How to approach a stream so that you don’t scare them.

Video Transcript:

Larger rivers have the comfort of depth, and sometimes you can get quite close to them because they feel secure over deeper water, not so in small streams where predators like herons, mergansers, otters, and raccoons are just a swipe away. Trout are most frightened by quick movements, so if you can move slowly, you'll frighten fewer fish. Try to stay in the shade if you can or use background rocks or foliage to keep you more hidden. I don't think clothing color is that critical because it's movement, not colors, that spook trout. So if you just choose colors that roughly match the background, you should be fine. Keep your profile low whenever possible, and keep your casting to a minimum. And if you have to false cast, do it at a low angle so the fish don't see your fly line waving through the air. Keep all your movements in a low angle so there's less of a chance a trout will notice you. And if you see trout darting for cover before you even get a chance to cast, you know you're moving too quickly. Slow down, enjoy the water, and move more like a heron than a frightened deer.