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6. Sink tip and depth charge lines for streamers (6 of 20)

In heavy current and in deep water, sometimes you need to go to special lines to get the fly deep enough. Learn about the fly lines you need.

Video Transcript:

Poly leaders are fine for smaller rivers and slower currents, but for water over three feet deep or very heavy flows, you'll probably need a sink-tip line which has a front sinking section plus a rear section of floating line. Your general-purpose streamer line for most rivers and streams is a sink-tip line with 12 to 15 feet of high-density sinking line.
It's ideal for getting a streamer down in a water column fast and keeping it there throughout the retrieve. For the very largest rivers, I also sometimes use a depth charge line in heavy water, which incorporates a full 30-foot sinking tip with an intermediate running line.