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15. Hanging a nymph off your streamer (15 of 20)

Sometimes the addition of a smaller nymph off the end of your streamer will interest reluctant trout.

Video Transcript:

You can swing the fly just like you would for salmon or steelhead. Or you can introduce short pulses with the rod tip or with your stripping hand to move the fly. Swinging streamers is so much fun. And some days you have your heart set on it, but they don't always produce, so you have to adjust, and get over it. Hanging a nymph on the end of your streamer is a great trick when other things don't work.
So fishing's been tough, and when it's tough, you got to be adaptable. I've been swinging streamers through this pool, classic streamer water, and nothing. So what I did is I've got a sinking tip on here, short leader and a little streamer and then a hare's ear nymph, dropped off that, not something I'd normally do.
But, you know, you got to try different things, when things aren't working, you have to switch it up. And so the hare's ear nymph was what caught this cute little brookie. Pretty fish. Beautiful. Beautiful shape.