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20. Is the fly pattern that important? (20 of 20)

With all the new streamer patterns available to you these days, don’t go crazy. Although some streamers seem to be more effective than others on a given day on a certain river, most of the time if a trout is interested in a big meal it will eat whatever streamer passes in front of it.

Video Transcript:

You'll notice that we concentrated more on streamer fishing technique than we did on choosing fly patterns and colors. Honestly, I think picking a streamer is more a matter of luck and whimsy, and in the long run, it might not matter that much. Sure, there are some days when a particular streamer pattern seems to light up the fish, but I'm not sure that any old streamer might work. Pick a streamer, fish it various ways, and then if it doesn't work, it just might not be a streamer day.
The unpredictability is what makes fly fishing fun. ♪ [music] ♪