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19. The two-indicator system. (19 of 21)

A deadly way to fish nymphs that gives you even more visual clues on when you are getting a natural drift.

Video Transcript:

- Here's one final nymph fishing trick. if you have trouble with drag in tricky currents, or if you just have trouble sensing when your fly is dragging, try the two indicator system. Here, you take two relatively small indicators of different colors and attach them from 8-15 inches apart with the one closest to your flies at the point you would normally set it for a particular depth.
The second one goes closer to your fly line. Because you have two different color indicators, watch the relationship between the two. As long as the one closer to your fly line is upstream of the one closer to the flies, you'll get a decent drift. But because the current moves the fly line and butt section of your leaderhead at as faster rate, because they have more surface area, once the upper indicator drifts even with the other, and especially if it drifts downstream of the one closer to your flies, it's time to mend the line.
Mend enough to move the upper indicator upstream of the lower one and you should, again, be getting a reasonable drift. That was a fish. Nice.
- We have to lift him pretty hard in here tight because of the grass.
- Can't go too far on those indicators.
- Nice.
- Fishing with an indicator is about the most productive way to fish most waters.