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11. Rods and flies for Great Lakes steelhead. (11 of 20)

Learn what flies and rods are recommended for dead-drifting flies for Great Lakes steelhead.

Video Transcript:

♪ [music] ♪ - [Narrator] You can manage this fishing with a nine-foot rod for a seven or eight weight line, especially in the smaller streams. But a better option is to go to a 10-footer. That extra foot holds line off the water, which is important regardless of whether you're fishing an indicator or using a tightline method.
Steelhead returning from the ocean may or may not feed. The answer to that question is subject to endless debate, but there's not doubt that Great Lakes steelhead feed on their spawning run, as their bodies don't need to make the physiological adjustment from salt to freshwater. Steelhead eat aquatic insects, bait fish, and at the right time of year, eggs from other steelhead, and from Pacific salmon.
Wherever you go be prepared with some larger trout nymphs, egg patterns of various colors, and streamers. But most rivers have their particular favorites at different times of the season. So do your homework before a trip, and visit the local tackle shop to get the latest info.
And never pass up the offer of a fly from a generous angler who's more successful than you are.
- [Man] - Man, I forgot how cold steelhead fishing is, so just make sure that you dress warmly, dress in layers, use hand warmers, and wear gloves. Don't be like me.